Will You Take The Leap This 2019? (Sale Saver)

As the holiday is fast approaching, we are again drawn to frequent the malls for sale and more sale items.  But think about it, are you really saving money when you are tempted to buy everything on sale?  Is it a wise, frugal move?


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Stores offer alluring items on sale that you can’t resist.   You end up bringing home stuff that you will just pile up in your storage rooms.  That’s because you no longer pay much attention to details and its usability.  It’s the impulse that all you think of is wanting to buy because it’s half the price and the thought that you might need it in the future.   But days, months, sometimes years passed, it’s still in the same packaging.   You never even dare to look at it once more the moment you brought those items home.


Obsessed With Bargain

Christmas is the season where every store bargains their items.  Clothes, toys, accessories, appliances, kitchen wares at a price that is almost a giveaway.  People who are utterly obsessed with bargains will go on a shopping spree, wanting every color and every size.

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You don’t actually need those stuff, but you bought them anyway thinking you saved a lot of money.  But actually, you don’t.  Why?  Because you wouldn’t actually use those.  And because of your splurge purchase, you spent beyond your allotted budget.  You probably have spent the money that you intend to spend elsewhere or pay some bills.


Bargain To Clutter

Unfocussed shopping leaves you with a bad spending habit and tons of clutter in your home.  Sometimes, you feel good giving away the items you hoard over the years.  But the amount of time you waste sorting out your stuff and cleaning (if ever you do), and the money you throw away with things you would not actually use speaks so much about you being mindless. You can also check out some tips on how to spend money wisely at FamilyHype.

Those bargains that turn into clutter will just accumulate dust which is not good for your health.  The site of chaos in your house will cause you to feel stressed, wanting to clean but can’t find the willpower and energy to do it.  That’s not frugality you’re practicing when things just go to waste.


Purchase Item The Wise Frugal Way

When going to a store, be sure to have your written shopping list and stick with that.  Never rely on your mental list, because you might forget the items you’re only supposed to buy and cheat easily to purchasing other things.

You can still treat yourself with new clothes or accessory that is on sale as long as you know what exactly you needed (not wanted).  No matter how cheap it is, if you don’t need it and won’t use it, it’s still a waste of money.

Why not treat yourself to a new restaurant that just opened, purchase a new book to read, have a glass of wine, or get a relaxing massage or a new haircut instead of buying material things.   These non-material things are more rewarding and excellent stress reliever.


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Think first before you buy anything.  Is it something you need, or you want?  Is it something you can’t live without?  Why do you have to buy it?  Do you have to buy it now or it can wait?  More importantly, do you have the budget?

Answering the above questions will help you decide to monitor your spending and help you maintain your clutter to a minimum or even eliminate.

Every New Year, people make a list of resolutions that they wanted to accomplish but often fail.  This year, I’m not urging you to make one, but I’m challenging you, are you ready and willing to take the leap to avoid the bargains, eliminate your clutter, and start saving for the days ahead.


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