Stressing Over Your Budget? Here’s What Your Therapist Wants You To Do

Are your finances making you stressed and worried all the time? Well, you are not alone. A lot of people are in worse cases than yours. Some of them are even trying so hard to get rid of the impossibility of not having any. Others are also trying to make it through the day with just a small amount of cash in their hands. Either way, all people suffer the same struggle with financial matters. So with all the stress and anxiety that can build up over financial control, you might want to listen to what your BetterHelp therapist advises you to do.


According to the American Psychological Association, money is always the top stress producer among many other things in life. Yes, it is even more emotionally and mentally complicated than having a bad relationship. People will never get through with their life without thinking about money. However, there are specific ways that can help reduce money-related anxiety and stress.

Start Organizing Financially – “Of the patients that I would attribute their medical problems to stress, the overwhelming majority have money at the root,” says Dr. Arta Bakshandeh, senior medical officer with Alignment Healthcare in Los Angeles. “Most commonly, these patients complain of headaches, elevated blood pressure, ulcers, depression and moderate to severe anxiety.”

Organizing your money better is not just buying the stuff you need in bulk. You need to look at what you own and what you owe. You need to understand where you financially stand at the moment. Because when you assume that your money is capable of proving you a fixed help, you will end up using all of it. And in no time, you will get broke.

Track Your Income And Expenses – The misconception about handling financial is the idea that you can buy everything when you have enough cash. Sadly, that is not how financial strength goes. Because when you are spending more than what you are making, you only allow stress to crawl up. It will make you feel lost and unmotivated. If you don’t try and track your income and expenses, there is a tendency that you will gain more debt than savings.

Dr Annie Zhang, M.D. Ph.D., also highlights the importance of family on this matter. “It is good to know that the family and basic human relationships matter and play a significant role in the increasingly complex financial system. On the other hand, however, our reliance on family is problematic because of a real need for considered and educated responses to inform our decision making.”


Live With Your Means – Not because you are earning, it doesn’t mean you need to have everything. But not because you can’t have everything, doesn’t mean you don’t deserve to have something. The only way you can handle personal financial stress is by living with your means. Don’t buy things you don’t need, and don’t disregard the idea of practicality.

“The two things we need for financial health and security are: to save money for the future, and not to spend more than we make,” says Brad Klontz, PsyD, founder of the Financial Psychology Institute and an economics and finance professor at Creighton University in Omaha, Nebraska.

Have A Definite Goal – It is easier to reach a destination when you already planned it in your head. When you know what it is that you want, it will become better for financial adjustments and considerations. But take note, you need to be careful with the danger of mismanagement. Remember that bigger goals take huge responsibilities. Learn to maintain and work on things step by step.

Hold Onto Financial Literacy – Learn to value financial literacy and think of it as something worthy than any other knowledge. It will help you realize things you often don’t consider, such as savings, business, and investments. Learn and create a plan on how to make money work for you. Do not just think of it as something that helps you get through the day. But instead, use it as something that will give you a convenient and brighter future.

Use Technology – Innovation is growing rapidly, and there is no stopping it. Instead of trying to ignore it, use it to your financial advancement. Create something out of it and make the world see how valuable it is for growth and development. Expand your horizon and live with innovation. There are plenty of techniques to use it, such as online marketing, stocks, and currency exchanging, bonds and trading, and so on.


Try New Things – Understandably, your budget means a lot. But it should not limit you from trying new things. You need to understand that the only way to perfection is through practice. Allow yourself to make mistakes, try new budgeting methods, try to adjust on your needs, and create something out of the ordinary. You need to imagine outside the box if you want to reach financial stability.

Seek Out For Help – One thing you need to understand when trying to solve a problem is that not all the answer lies in your hands. Same goes out to financial inconsistencies. You can’t control and handle everything alone because there are things you don’t know. With that, it is favorable to seek out for help. Just remember to be critical in choosing the ones you want to trust with your financial statements. Only consult someone who knows the process better.

There are no definite tricks in getting a financially stable life, only self-awareness, and learning. So instead of complaining all about the anxiety and stress your money-related issue is giving you, start working your ways on it.

Benefits Of Furniture Reupholstery For Homeowners On A Budget


Way before you have been able to afford your residence, you are probably conscious about the fact that obtaining several pieces of furniture that will make it more comfortable for people to live in can cost thousands of dollars. We are talking about five to six figures here, in case you get them all in a brand-new state. If you see a sectional in the clinic of your psychologist and aim to buy it, it will add to your expenses as well.

Nevertheless, the idea is that you do not have to get things items fresh off the store if you can get a hand-me-down or buy them at an auction or garage sale. Here’s why you should consider having your furniture reupholstered.

It Can Immensely Save You From Overspending

Assuming that you are a new homeowner when you visit the furniture store, the sales agents will zero in on you and most likely point you in the direction of higher-priced dining sets, sectionals, and various stuff you may need. Why? Perhaps because they get a commission off of every home article that they can sell, and so making you purchase an expensive set will mean higher profits for them. However, the only that separates a high-end settee from a reupholstered one is the brand name. Letting the branding slide will help you avoid spending too much.

Longer Lasting Furniture Can Be Installed In Your House

For the reason that you have taken full control over what goes to your furniture and what does not, there will be no doubt in your heart and mind that this can withstand the test of time and even get inherited by your successors. Of course, it does not hurt as well if you know that the people who have made your dream sectional a reality have been in the business for decades. Thus, they immediately get your drift and follow your requests down to the last dot. They can also work around your budget, so you do not need to be tempted to purchase low-quality furniture.


You Can Customize Your Sofas, Couches, Etc.

Another fantastic aspect of reupholstering your furniture is that you can personalize it based on your preferences. It is often not feasible when you are merely buying a ready-made sofa, costly or not, as they are just shipped to the store as is. Therefore, your options are quite limited, and you will feel the need to cover it up with throw pillow. Conversely, you can bring your old couch that is the perfect size for your living room to a reputable upholstery shop, and then decide on how much padding you want to be added to it, as well as what fabric, color, and design you think will look great.

Bonus: Benefits Of Using Leather For Reupholstery

Timeless Appeal

Leather is typically subjected to a series of dyeing procedure for pigments to be integrated within its grains. It ensures that years can pass by, and the color of the couch or loveseat will remain intact. Considering that it has not been created through artificial means as well, every material, though of a similar kind, will never look the same. Thus, the design on the fixture(s) can be unique.


Authentic fabrics that have been generated from the hides of animals are often deemed elegant by a lot of people. These are, therefore, highly prized materials in the eyes of many. When consumers showcase even a piece of furniture with leather as a covering, the visitors can immediately sense that the people who live in the house are cultured. It is all because their furniture preferences reflect their classiness.



Regardless if the person decides to stay in a tropical or cold climate, having leather fitting is very beneficial for everyone as it can keep its owners feeling fresh when the weather’s hot or warm when it is freezing outside. It is possible since leather can breathe, in a sense. Besides, such fixtures have great padding to increase the level of comfortability that the products can provide.


Some feel as if fittings with this type of material are way beyond their ideal budget. However, if only they consider how cost-efficient it is not to be required to purchase another set of furniture, they are going to realize that a few extra bucks invested on the leather are worth every penny.

Final Thoughts

Prioritizing furniture reupholstery instead of buying new fixtures for your brand-new house is excellent not only for the small- and medium-scale businesses that offer this service but also for your budget. Imagine, if you can obtain a similar section for a third of its price and then reupholster it for another third, you still get to save a substantial amount of money for other expenses. Isn’t that incredible?