What Jack Ma Says About Business During The Pandemic

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Jack Ma, the owner of Alibaba, and perhaps one of the richest men in the whole world had something to say to Chinese businessmen during his talk last January, while this COVID-19 pandemic was looming and plaguing Wuhan. Whatever it is that hits a business hard and makes it shiver, entrepreneurs must always look at the positive side of it. Be optimistic always, and think of a way to retool your business. You must also reflect on the outcome of your business and restore your work, after deliberation, at a steady pace.

The E-commerce king, with a net worth of $39 billion in US dollars, said that the pandemic must not stop people from doing business, providing their trades and crafts. It is but a time to regroup, assess, and think of future growth. Staying at home can provide you that opportunity to think and prepare. His company is a shining example of growing amidst an outbreak back in 2003 – the SARS. So he knows that there is a good thing even with this COVID-19 pandemic.

“Reflect on what you really want, what you have, and what you need to give up, or stick to,” these were the words of Jack Ma during his talk. (The words were taken from the SCMP website.) He also explains that we have to be equipped in using internet technology more so now that there is a contagious virus out there, and with it, we are all bound to stay home. We need to stay home and keep safe. It is one of the major ways of flattening the curve.

Source: pexels.com

But does it mean that we have to give up on our jobs, careers, professions, and businesses? Not exactly. Sure, some of us have been laid off for the meantime because our companies have ceased operations due to the pandemic. If our companies do not get sales, income, or profit, then there will be no other way for it to sustain the expenses of the operations, and that includes our salaries. Sure, the government has a package to help us get by. Do we settle for it?

This is what Jack Ma says to the participants of his seminars and talks – you don’t wait for the environment to get ready. You push through to where it is not ready, be unique, and make a difference. Otherwise, if the market or industry is ready, it is already saturated. You will not be successful in this path. Internet commerce mogul is right. He always maintains that the internet is the way to do most of the businesses and that we must all be savvy of digital methods that will make us productive in work and business – pretty much whatever it is we do.

Everybody is suffering at this time. Ma said the effect of Walt Disney theme park closing is a whopping $135 million US dollars. This is for only two months of lockdown. We need to be in lockdown because Coronavirus can be transmitted from one person to the other through cough, sneeze, or even by talking. It is lethal and really dangerous, too risky to go out and mingle with people in public. And so, even if the world economy is suffering gravely, leaders have resorted to quarantine and lockdown. After all, life is much more important than money. Still, people without jobs or companies not operating just cannot continue for long.

Source: pexels.com

What else can we do at home while preparing ourselves for something great during this lockdown and after it? Jack Ma explains that all problems have a solution. Think outside the box and solve that problem. Be different from others, and realize that you can be better than them. You have to find a way to be better than everybody else, in a positive way, so that you can push through with your idea and dream business.

Believe in your business. Think about what you can give for the people and not just what you can earn. Sacrifices will have to be made because it will provide a greater benefit. You must also stick with people that have the same vision, mission, and dream as you. Work together and learn from each other. You will attain success in the long run.

Can you do this from home during the pandemic? Yes, you can, and the internet is there at your service. Jack Ma tells us.

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